Hairy asian porn most often features girls that grow an excess of pubic hair, something that’s become abnormal in modern pornography. In a small percentage of scenes that can mean hair on the legs, in the armpits, around the ass, and even around the nipples. Close ups are common to allow the viewers appreciation of the pubes.

In this day and age, most men prefer women to shave their intimate areas, as they are considered dirty if they still maintain hair in those places. But that’s just because big corporations that focus on beauty and fashion have brainwashed the masses into thinking that having hair all over their bodies is something that should be frowned upon. It’s funny because this way of thinking is only popular in Western countries. Try visiting Asian countries and you’ll find that women there still have hair on their pussies. Some even maintain armpit hair, which is actually pretty normal, albeit unsightly because of all those campaigns and commercials against hairy legs, armpits, and vaginas. There’s nothing wrong with having hair that is already naturally there to begin with. It’s just that these big corporations value sales over everything else, and that destroying the image of maintaining natural body hair is one of those things that they couldn’t care less about. Well, the good thing is that there are still people who believe that having hair on your body is nothing to be ashamed of, and that maintaining those bushes are actually very attractive for men.

All-Natural Pussy

You would be surprised that women are going back to having hairy pussies, and that men actually prefer that. After all, going down on a girl who has hair down there has that added tickle factor as you go crazy on her peepee. They say that having hair on your pubic area is unhygienic, but as long as they are washed regularly, you don’t need to worry about nasty bacteria running around the place. It’s funny that polar opposites of the human population prefer hairy pussies, as those who have lived long enough to have experienced a time when people didn’t give a damn about hair in intimate areas are voicing out their opinions, and on the other side, the younger generation are pushing to get the hair back on there, as preferences are turning back to going natural as much as possible.

The same people who are in favor of organic foods are also the ones who are campaigning about body positivity, including the fact that you shouldn’t hide it if you prefer not shaving your pubes, legs, and pits.

Hairy Asian

If you’re still not convinced that hairy pussies are back in style, then you should definitely check out Asian Movie. Most of these pornstars who are proud of their bushy snatches are Asian, particularly Japanese women, but you’ll also find Western pornstars like Sasha Grey, Riley Reid, and Taylor Sands joining the bandwagon. If you’re one of those men of culture who prefer bushy pussies over shaved ones, then Asian Movie is your place to be!

There are thousands of videos that are dedicated to showcasing the finest naturally hairy pussies on the planet. These videos focus more on these women’s pussies than any other part of their body. And as a bush aficionado yourself, you’re guaranteed to enjoy every minute of these videos as they are in crystal clear HD resolution. Unless you’re playing a censored Japanese porn video, then you would surely see their pussies as if you’re physically there with those horny sluts who are more than happy to spread their legs for you. It’s time to bring back the bush, and Asian Movie is at the forefront of pushing it back to the spotlight.