When you think of Japan, the things that would come to mind would be cherry blossoms, shellfish, bullet trains and low crime rates. One would think that the Japanese are very primitive and adequate, since they will see them bow to others as a greeting. They are very respectful people and have done a lot in terms of contributing to technological advances in recent years. Little did you know that the Japanese are really very addicted to sex. Even if there are rare laws about sex and pornography in Japan, people are still attracted to doing the act. For example, you are not allowed to hire a prostitute, or be a prostitute, however, you can be a “”boyfriend”” or “”girlfriend”” for rent, which would probably involve hugs, hugs and kisses, but not sex. As for pornography, You may already know, but the adult industry is booming in Japan.

They even have a pornography term made in Japan that is JAV, which is the abbreviation for Japanese Adult Video. You would be surprised how big the industry is in that country, since you can buy DVDs as easily as you can buy comics or manga, as they are called in their native language.

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The funny thing about Japanese porn is that the actors and actresses who star in these lascivious videos must have their genitals censored even before their film is published. The Japanese are very strict in regards to that law, although in recent years more and more uncensored JAV content has been released to the public. So what can you expect from Japanese porn, anyway? Well, first of all, expect to hear many moans from actresses during scenes where they are sucked, caressed or fucked. And not just regular groans, because they love to do it very loudly. You may want to download the speakers when watching Japanese porn, especially when there are other people around. The types of sexual acts that you will find are quite good, since the Japanese enjoy exploring their sexuality, even exceeding the limits of being rare. Bukkake is one of the sexual acts that the Japanese have made popular all over the world.

Basically, a single woman sits while a group of men masturbates in front of her. Most of the time, you will be completely naked, with your eyes and mouth closed. And yes, you guessed it! These men will then bathe their face with their semen. It’s weird, it’s outrageous, and the idea definitely came from Japan.


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