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There might be forty-eight countries in Asia, but there’s no other place to visit than Vietnam if you’re looking to have a good time. The sights, the food, and of course the women, there’s no shortage of fun and excitement when you go and explore this wonderful country. You can go swim or just enjoy the view of the sea when you visit Halong Bay. And if you’re looking for truly authentic Vietnamese dishes, then your next destination should be Ho Chi Minh city, as you’ll find restaurant options at almost every corner in the whole city. But it’s not just the food that you’ll be after when you visit Saigon, which is the name used for Ho Chi Minh city by foreigners. There, you’ll find whores and hookers who are more than willing to spread their legs wide open or bend over backward just so that you would have a good time.

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Vietnamese girls are pretty damn hot, and you’ll easily find solid proof that backs this up on the internet. Ever heard of Tila Tequila? How about Katsuni? Or maybe even Tia Tanaka? All those girls are of Vietnamese descent, and it’s easy to see why they’re famous especially in Western countries. They’re petite, they have exotic looks, and most of all, they’re experts in pleasing any man during sex. Most Vietnamese girls are shy, in fact, most Asian women are. So don’t lose hope if you’re having a hard time finding a hot Vietnamese chick who would take off her clothes for you in a heartbeat. It takes effort to make them come out of their shell, but all of that is worth it once you finally see her in action.

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